Frequently asked questions

Mining blocks? What exactly is going on here?

When you mine blocks on this site, you actually mine Monero, a crypto-currency, using a JavaScript-based miner by Coinhive.
We'll get a very tiny amount of money for every diamond you mine.

Who pays for the Minecraft accounts?

We pay the accounts by using the money we get from all miners on this site. It's like crowd-funding, but instead of donating actual money, you donate your CPU power.

Can I mine with multiple computers simultaneously?

Yes, you can! Just enter your e-mail adress and start mining on as many computers as you want.

What's the Diamond Goal?

That's the amount of hashes we need in order to get enough money to buy and give away one Minecraft account.
Once we reach that goal, we'll send a gift code via e-mail to the winner and then reset everyone's diamonds to start a new round.

How can I increase the mining speed?

To mine diamonds faster, you can increase the number of threads that are used for mining by clicking on the plus sign beneath the thread count. Note that this will also increase the CPU usage.

How can I lower the CPU usage of the miner?

Mining takes a lot of CPU power and by default, we use half as many threads as you have CPU cores.
To reduce the CPU usage, just click on the minus sign beneath the thread count. This also lowers your blocks per second rate.

Is this scam?

No. We already had this project running using advertising and paying Minecraft accounts from the ad revenues. That already worked out pretty well.